Samson kontrolisani univerzalni regulatori


Pressure, differential pressure, flow, temperature regulators or combined regulators equipped with additional electric actuator are installed in cooling or heating systems · Suitable for liquids from 5 oC to 150 oC and non-flammable gases to 80 oC


• Main version is flanged valve with DN from 80 to 250
• Direct-acting proportional regulator no requiring auxiliary energy
• Suitable for heating units
• Wide control range and high useable rangeability at low pressure loss
• Pilot-operated by the medium, with a maximum of three pilot valves
• Excellent stability and control accuracy even when the pressures fluctuate considerably
• Smooth opening and closing of the main valve
• Wide set point range and convenient set point adjustment at the pilot valve
• Numerous control functions and the possibility to combine several functions


Type 2423 valve (with restriction) and type 2422 (without restriction)
actuator for DN 80…100 with balancing bellows for DN 125…250 with integrated bellows with closing spring. Regulating valve is installed on request.
Basic version · Main valve DN 80…250 and bypass line with strainer, Venturi nozzle and pilot valve as ready-to-install unit. Bypass line have DN 10 and made from stainless steel with strainer, and on request regulating valve is installed.
Version with bypass line • Main valve DN 80…250. Bypass line have DN 25 or 40 with strainer, Venturi nozzle and control regulator • Installation on site.

Special versions

KVS coefficient increases for DN 125 and more. Version for high temperatures.
Versions by standards ANSI and JIS.
Flow divider for noise reduction. Oil-resistant version.
Free of non-ferrous metals
Pilot valves connected in parallel. Pressure stabilization due diaphragms.
Free of graphite for deionized water. With external orifice plate.
Nominal diameter DN 300 / 400 on request.