Samson kontroler prostorije TROVIS 5572 – Sobni panel TROVIS 5570 – Modul proširenja za TROVIS 5571 i TROVIS 5572 – Dodatna oprema za kontrolere

Room controller - TROVIS 5572

• room temperature controller. Parameterization and configuration settled directly by controller or control or tracking station
• Setting and measurement indication on display
• Three modes, separately settled for each day of week
• Stop of programs with their settings
• Connection through Modbus interface for integration to TROVIS 5500 system
• Advanced modules are available for complex control function. For detailed information see data sheet T 5572

Room panel - TROVIS 5570

• DAdditional device for controllers connected to automatic system TROVIS 5500 for room temperature measurement and control converting to individual control circuit
• Direct access to control modules
• Room and outdoor temperature indication
• Indication up to 10 control points measured by heating system and heating system controller. For detailed information see data sheet T 5570

Extendable modules – 1400-9386 for TROVIS 5571 / 5572

Extension of input and output signals for logic programmable controller TROVIS 5571 or room controller TROVIS 5572
Maximum six inputs can be additionally used as discrete or inputs Pt 1000, from 0 to 1000, from 0 to 10 V
For detailed information see data sheet T 5571 and T 5572

Additional accessories for controllers series TROVIS 5100, 5400, 5500, 6400

Converter TROVIS 5484. Repeater TROVIS 5482. Transmission, amplification and adaptation of information signals level for communication between controllers TROVIS 5400, TROVIS 5500 and TROVIS 6400 with computer. For detailed information see data sheet T 5409. Line splitter TROVIS 5486. Connection of several controllers TROVIS 5100, TROVIS 5400 and TROVIS 5500 through modem with the control station. For detailed information see data sheet T 5486.