Samson TROVIS modul sistem automatizacije CPU modul TROVIS 6503, A-modul TROVIS 6506, B-modul TROVIS 6507, Al-modul TROVIS 6516, Ao-modul TROVIS 6517 – Radni terminal TROVIS 6515


Regulation and control of autonomous automatic stations during automatic systems design.

Versions and characteristics

CPU module TROVIS 6503

• Fast module with processor and interface for local network and bus LON I / O
• Support to 10.000 special values
• Connection with other CPU modules and automatic system creation through local network (protocol TCP / IP)
• Connection with distributed analog and discrete modules in long networks, using LON, free topology
• Connectivity using Modbus devices (redundant)
• Built-in information archive program
• Built-in web-server
• Automatic connection with central station during emergency situation

General features of distributed analog / discrete modules

• Connection with CPU module TROVIS 6503 via LON
• Galvanic isolation of power supply and LON network
• Input and output connect via module terminal · LED for discrete inputs and outputs
• LED status for failure and task module

Module A TROVIS 6506

• Six analog inputs for Pt 1000, from 0 to 1000, from 0 to 10 V · Four outputs from 0 to 10 V
• Three discrete inputs including one control input
• Three discrete outputs

Module V TROVIS 6507

• 12 discrete inputs including two control inputs • Four discrete outputs

Module AO TROVIS 6517

• Four outputs with voltage from 0 (2) to 10 V or outputs from 0 (4) to 20 mA

Service terminal TROVIS 6515

Indicates and calculates needed information from automatic programs in connection with CPU module TROVIS 6503