Samson PTFE ili PTA obloženi kontrolni ventili-Kontrolni ventili Pfeiffr BR1a,BR1b, BR6a – ECKVentil Pfeiffer BR8a

Pfeiffer type BR 1a, BR 1b, BR 6a Globe Valves

Pfeiffer type BR 8a Angle Valve


Lined valves designed for chemical process engineering and operating in aggressive media.


• Globe or angle valve with pneumatic actuator • PTFE- or PFA-lined
• PTFE-lined thick no less than 5 mm
• Corrugated PTFE-bellows


Positioners, limit switches, potentiometers, solenoid valves.


- Pfeiffer type BR 1a • Globe valve PTFE-lined
- Pfeiffer type BR 1b • Globe valve PFA-lined
- Pfeiffer type BR 6a • Micro-flow valve PTFE-lined with KVS from 0.005 and 2.5
- Pfeiffer type BR 8a • Angle valve PTFE-lined

Further versions

With manual actuator