Samson razdelnici toka StI i StIII – AC Trimovi – TIP 3381 Prigušnica


Valve components to reduce noise emission and are designed for installation in globe and angle valves used to control vapors or gases. The noise emission of control valves controlling gases or vapors as well as the connected pipeline is determined by the free jet leaving the restriction and by the downstream turbulent mixing zone. A particularly effective and low-cost solution to reduce noise is achieved by using flow dividers which shorten the free jet of gas or vapor and accelerate the exchange of energy in the mixing zone.

Flow dividers St I or ST III

• Reliable and cost-effective construction made from perforated sheet steel or corrosion-resistant wire mesh
• Reduce free jet of gas or vapor
• Accelerate the exchange of energy in the mixing zone
St I and ST III flow dividers are designed for using in SAMSON fittings: type 3241, type 3251, type 3254 globe valves and type 3256 angle valves as well as in globe valves of direct-acting regulators (see T 8081).


• Optimized trims for SAMSON control valves for low-noise pressure letdown of liquids (see T8082 and T8083)
• Parabolic plug with integrated guide in the seat • Attenuation plates are integrated into the seat of the AC-2 Trim


- AC-1 Trim • Optimized for noise reduction garniture has parabolic plug and the plug guides. Designed for DN 50…300 and PN 16…160 (see T 8082)
- AC-2 Trim • The same as AC-1 but four attenuation plates are integrated into the seat of the AC-2 trim upstream of the parabolic plug and the plug guide. Designed for DN 80…250 and PN 16…160 (see T 8082)
- AC-3 Trim • MMulti-stage parabolic seat for DN 25…150 and PN 40…400 (see T 8083)

Type 3381 Silencer

• At the valve outlet attenuation plates are located, consisted from one to five plates designed for liquids, gases and vapors. he silencer raises the pressure of the medium flow at the valve outlet and reduces the pressure downstream of the silencer to the required downstream pressure. As a result, the sound pressure level is reduced. In applications using compressible media, it additionally lowers the flow velocity at the valve outlet.
• Materials 1.0460 / A105 or 1.4571 / F316
• Nominal diameter DN 40…160 (NPS 11/2…24’’)
• Nominal pressure PN 40…160 (Class 300…900)


«Sandwich» - clamping between the flanges of one orifice plate · Housing for 2-5 orifice plate fixed by flanges (see T 8084).

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