Samson trosmerni ventil TIP 3244


Mixing or diverting valve for process engineering and industrial applications,
designed by DIN and ANSI standards.
Nominal diameter DN 15…1500 · ½’’…6’’
Nominal pressure PN 10…40 · ANSI Class 150…300
Temperatures from -1960C to +4500C · -3250F to +800 oF


• Three-way valve with pneumatic or electric actuator
• Body made of cast iron (DIN version only), cast steel or cast stainless steel
• Valve plug metal seal


Standard version designed for temperatures from -40 to +220 oC
- Type 3244-7 · With type 3277 actuator (see data sheet T8310-1)
- Type 3244-1 · With type 3271 actuator (see data sheet T8310-1)

Further versions

Insulating section or bellows seal, see T8026
Heating jacket (on request)
Additional handwheel, see T8310-1 with electric actuator


Positioners, limit switches, solenoid valves by DIN EN 264, see T 8022.