Samson regulatori pritiska za specijane primene TIP 2357-3


Pressure regulators for cryogenic gases and vapors as well as other liquids, gases and vapors. Industrial gases (such as argon, nitrogen and oxygen) are stored in a liquefied condition at extremely low temperatures and at a constant pressure in thermally insulated tanks. Pipes transport the medium to the consumer. The extreme operating conditions require the use of special valves.


• Low-maintenance proportional regulators requiring no auxiliary energy
• Wide set point range and convenient set point adjustment
• Rugged design and low overall height
• Cleaned and packed for oxygen service


The pressure regulator consists of a valve body with three ports (marked A, B and C), a spring-loaded operating bellows with set point adjuster and two tubular plugs.
- Pressure build-up regulator with safety function: Direction of flow from port A to port B (closing). The pressure at port B acts on the operating bellows. When the downstream pressure rises, the pressure build-up plug closes the valve.

Safety function:

The tubular plug in the pressure build-up regulator operates like a safety valve and relieves the pressure chamber at port A of pressure. The difference in pressure at the bellows between the inside pressure at port C and outside pressure at port A creates a positioning force. This force opens the plug, opposing the force of the closing spring. As a result, the pressures are equalized and the pressure chamber upstream of port A is relieved of pressure.

Excess pressure valve

Direction of flow from port B to port C (opening). When no pressure is applied, the passage from port B to C is closed. The tubular plug does not open the valve until the pressure becomes 0.5 bar higher than the set point (pressure build-up) to relieve the pressure chamber downstream of port B of pressure.

Special versions

All wetted parts are made of CrNi steel


Ports A and B: soldering nipple with ball-type bushing (for 28 mm pipe diameter) · Connection C: for 18 mm pipe diameter · Non-return unit.